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If you have not made time to pop into the Oxford Playhouse this month to see the exhibitions from Oxford’s Mothers Who Make group, ‘Holding against extremes: Mothering and making in a time of climate emergency’, you have one more week to get there.  You’ll find a small but perfectly formed collection of thoughtful and at times gut-wrenching work from artist mothers – poetry, paper cuts, fabrics and sculpture.

For a lovely taster of the exhibition, and write up of it’s opening event, at which LCWO’s Mim spoke of fierce protection and smokey cars, head to Jackie Singer’s blog here: https://www.thehummingbirdlodge.com/holding-against-extremes/.

NOTE: if you plan to visit, it may be worth checking with the Playhouse before you go to make sure there is not a meeting in the exhibition room.

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