The Low Carbon Living Programme, 2009 – 2013

The Low Carbon Living Programme ran from 2009 to 2013.  Its aim was to help local people reduce their energy use at home.

Big results with over 150 West Oxford households

In 2009, the initial set of participating households cut their carbon footprints by an incredible 36% and some saved up to £200 on their energy bills, as well as saving over 140 tonnes of CO2 emissions p.a.

In the four years we ran it, over 150 households signed up, with subsequent cohorts saving around 130 tonnes p.a.

How did it work?

Members of the Low Carbon Living Programme received:

  • A detailed carbon footprint showing where they could cut their CO2 emissions
  • Free expert advice and help on how to do it, but with participants deciding what was realistically doable
  • An opportunity to apply for a small grant to help them make energy-saving changes
  • Help with applying for government grants
  • A free smart meter to help them monitor their electricity usage
  • Opportunities to meet other local residents to swap ideas
  • Invitations to attend optional workshops on a number of carbon-busting topics
  • The opportunity to be part of a friendly, innovative and successful community project which is influencing government policy and being followed by other communities

In return we asked them to:

  • Have their household carbon footprint measured at the start and end of the year (using our Quicksilver tool)
  • Set themselves a target for reducing their carbon footprint during the year
  • Send us monthly readings of their electric/gas use and car mileage

Rolling out the LCLP model

A number of other Oxfordshire community groups ran the LCLP in their own communities, including Low Carbon Oxford North and Kiddlington Vs Climate Change.

A workplace version of the programme was also piloted by Oxford City Council in 2012.

New directions after 2013

In 2012-2013, our work shifted to focus on vulnerable and elderly residents at risk of fuel poverty, through our Winter Warmth project.

LCLP reborn: our Street by Street project, coming your way autumn 2017

In 2017, LCWO received funding from the Low Carbon Hub to run a new pilot project, focusing on working on a street-by-street basis with local residents.  For more information, see the Street by Street page in our current projects.