We are facing hard facts about the impacts of human actions on the world around us.

We’ve been told, in no uncertain terms: “this is the moment and we must act now”[1] if we want to prevent ever more dangerous climate change and stop mass extinction.

The latest report from the International Panel on Climate Change is “code red for humanity”[2].

Extreme weather events – heat waves, wildfires, floods, storms – are turbo charged by climate change and affecting all regions of the world.  For some consequences, there’s no going back.

As world leaders meet at COP26 this November, you might be feeling overwhelmed, numb, disinterested perhaps?  We’re not surprised. This stuff can bring up a whole host of emotions and leave us feeling scared and disempowered.  But there is some good news.  There ARE things we can do individually and collectively, which WILL make a difference, and LCWO is here to help us all take effective action today in West Oxford and beyond.


Here are 8 things we can all start doing right now:



Be ambitious and demand that politicians and business leaders, make the necessary big changes NOW rather than later.

Join and support organisations like LCWO, take part in letter writing campaigns like our COP26 one (link coming soon!), lobby local and national politicians.  Find your MP via theyworkforyou.com.




Reduce or eliminate meat and dairy in our diets. Eat seasonal, locally sourced food, and cut food waste.

Come along to our Beet the Waste food fest at Tap Social and get inspired! Get new skills with Good Food Oxford and bust food waste with Replenish.  Consider climate-friendly diets for pets too.




Cycle, walk or use public transport rather than driving, and avoid flying whenever possible.

Get your bike fixed up at our next Repair Café and check out what the Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel is working on. Join a car club like Co-Wheels.  Going further afield? seat61.com helps you get all over the world by train.




Make your pensions/savings/investments power positive change.

Watch our video on how to green your money. Look up which banks are financing fossil fuels and deforestation. Shift your pension with Make My Money Matter. If you switch accounts, let the account provider you are leaving know why you’re off.  Check the Low Carbon Hub and Ethex for investment opportunities starting at £50.




Make our homes as energy efficient as possible.

Move to a green energy tariff, get a home energy assessment, join our carbon busting workshops and find out if you’re eligible for support from Better Homes, Better Health.




Think before we buy to save money and emissions.

Repair broken items at Repair Cafés; pass on unwanted items and find new treasures for free at our Bring & Takes and charity shops; and if you really need something, maybe you could you borrow it from a friend or Share Oxford’s Library of Things.  Refill when you can and avoid plastic packaging.




Actively care for wildlife locally and think about how our shopping choices impact biodiversity.

Plant trees with us; mow less and grow insect friendly plants; make a hedgehog hole in a fence; follow the West Oxford Tree Trail; help us maintain local green spaces; join the West Oxford Naturehood whatsapp; enjoy Kingfisher Corner and Hogacre Common Eco-Park – can you spot our local otters?




Notice and talk about what we’re feeling.

When did you last talk about what you’re feeling about climate change? Talking enables us to process feeling and move to action, and it’s a form of action in itself.  Chances are, someone else is feeling some of the same things as you.  Talk to a friend, join a local or online group / workshop / climate café for a chance to chat, or check out the work of the Climate Psychology Alliance.  Find out about Active Hope through this free online course.




[1] IPCC Special Report, October 2018

[2] UN Secretary-General António Guterres in a statement on the IPCC report AR6: “The alarm bells are deafening […]  This report must sound a death knell for coal and fossil fuels, before they destroy our planet.”