You can join Low Carbon West Oxford (LCWO) if you live (or, in the case of an organisation, operate) within the boundaries of West Oxford (clarification available on website at and promote the aims of the Charity.  The Trustees consider all applications for membership.  There is no membership fee.


As a member, you can attend LCWO’s general meetings, receive the annual accounts of the company, elect Trustees, vote on resolutions and vote on any fundamental changes to the nature of the charitable company, its name and purposes.  You can also be added to LCWO’s mailing list and receive monthly updates on LCWO’s activities.

To apply, please download and complete this Membership Application Form 2019, and return it scanned by email to or by post to LCWO c/o 22 Oatlands Road, Oxford OX2 0ET.

Boundary clarification for LCWO membership

The boundaries of West Oxford for the purpose of membership are highlighted on this map.  They include Fidder’s Stream and the railway line to the east, up to and including Binsey village to the north, the River Thames to the south and the tributary to the east of North Hinksey Lane to the west.