ACT Now is a free one-year programme for local residents and nearby neighbours, supporting them to take effective action to combat the climate emergency together today. 

Workshops are open to all

The programme includes monthly workshops on a range of key topics, which are open to all, whether you are enroled in the full programme or not – details of the next workshop can be seen below.

Why enrol?

Enrolement in the full programme allows access to grants and a FREE home energy assesment and report worth £130+, as well as help with understanding your carbon footprint.  To find out more about the full programme, click here or on the ‘Read more now’ box below. 

If you are not enroled, you are still welcome to browse the participant area, which contains links to all the workshop materials to date, and instructions for how to measure your carbon footprint.

Act Now workshops repeating elsewhere

In addition to our local programme, we have also partnered with fellow CAGs LEAF and Rose Hill & Iffley Low Carbon, on the sotuh east side of the city, to repeat the workshops at Flo’s Place in the Park.  These workshops are currently on hold with COVID-19, but will be listed below once they resume.



Programme calendar