West Oxford Naturehood (WON) is a loosely structured group of local residents with an interest in looking after wildlife in our back gardens, local parks and beyond. Most communication is done via a whatsapp group, which West Oxford residents are welcome to join.  WON is not managed by LCWO, but a number of our members are also members of WON, and LCWO is happy to provide support in the form of wildlife survey/litter picking kits and is open to request for small amounts of funding for specific projects.

Currently, the group’s main regular activity is a litter pick, but members have also been discussing adopting local parks, built bug hotels and more.

  • To join the group or find out more, get in touch by emailing us and we can put you in touch.
  • For a full history of LCWO’s wildlife work, head to the wildlife page.
  • Read the latest West Oxford Naturehood news on the blog.