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This spring, I received funding from Oxford City Council through its Green Neighbourhood Grant scheme to design and print a Florence Park Tree Trail, and create Oxford Tree Trails (http://oxford-tree-trails.org/).  The funding was awarded to me as an individual and the project completed thanks to inspiration and additional financial support in the form of my time from LCWO.

Inspired by the Hogacre Nature Trail and then our LCWO West Oxford Tree Trail (designed in 2017 as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations), and with help from a number of knowledgeable volunteers, 30+ trees in the tree-rich park were identified and a route planned out, before working with designer Lydia Morley to create the finished map.

The aim of Oxford Tree Trails project is to support and develop appreciation and understanding of our local trees across the city.  Through the basic website, which hosts the growing number of local trails, we also hope to encourage people to explore green spaces further afield as well as on their doorsteps, and to enable others to create their very own tree trail in their local area – get in touch if you are interested.

The map is available from a tray at the cafe at Flo’s in Florence Park, though get yours quick as the first print run of 300 have almost all disappeared.

Florence Park Tree Trail: a much-loved resource

We have received very positive feedback, and numerous individuals and groups, including local Woodcraft Folk, Cubs and Teach Green, have walked the route.  It is proving a hugely popular resource, for residents old and young.

Next, we hope to find funding to enable us to give a free copy of the tree trail map to all local primary school children.  We also hope to design and print a large format version of the trail, to give to the local care home and partially sighted local residents.


Get in touch if you’d like to create a map in your local area.  We can give you advice and support.

View and download the tree trails here.

Find out about LCWO’s other wildlife projects here.



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