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Towards the end of October we delivered a community survey in hard copy to all residents in  West Oxford to ask them how we can best support them to reduce energy waste in their home.  By reducing energy waste residents will be able to reduce their fuel bills and help to reduce our community’s carbon emissions.

We will collate the responses we receive and use the information in our applications for funding to provide the information, advice, support and energy-efficiency measures which residents need.  Any information we use will be anonymous so no individual will be identified.

Prize draw

A copy of the survey can be downloaded here as a Word document, saved, completed and returned to us by email to info@lcwo.org.uk.  Alternatively you can download the survey as a PDF here; open the survey and complete it by clicking on “Fill and sign” in the right-hand panel.  The “Fill and sign” menu bar which then appears, gives you the option of using text, a tick or a circle for your answers as well as an option for your signature.  Return your completed PDF survey to info@lcwo.org.uk as an attachment.  If you return your completed survey, including the section for your contact details,  by the end of the day on 5th November 2015 we will enter you into a prize draw for £100 of energy efficiency improvements for your home.   The prize draw rules can be found at the end of the survey.

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