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Do you hate waste?

We’ve always been keen on reducing waste, running our legendary Bring & Takes since 2009, and kicking off the annual Beet the Waste food fest in 2017.  In 2015, we made representations to Waitrose before they opened their new store in the Botley Road – and this was the store where they chose to pilot their Unpacked initiative, drastically reducing packaging!

If you’ve got ideas – would like to work with some friendly locals who also hate waste – and have a bit of spare time – get in touch!   


You’ll get support and training from Anais at Replenish!

Great news for our Waste Campion: if you are interested in doing activities around reducing household food waste/ composting food waste Anais Bozetine at Replenish will be really happy to offer you training and support. You will also have access to funding to support those kinds of activities from the Replenish project.

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Email info@lcwo.org.uk and catch up with LCWO Chair Alison to find out more!

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