The waste reduction projects aim to reduce waste through the reduction, re-use, sharing and recycling of products.  Activities include:

  • Running our hugely popular Bring and Takes – one person’s junk is another person’s treasure!
  • Running a pen recycling drop off service at WOCA – drop off your biros and we’ll get them recycled.
  • Running workshops on waste and climate change – see one from our recent ACT Now programme here.
  • Providing kit to local groups doing litter picks – find out about West Oxford Naturehood, who organise litter picks, here.
  • Running our annual ‘Beet the Waste’ food and music festival at Tap Social, in partnership with Oxford Food Bank
  • Distributing reusable bamboo sporks (to avoid single use plastic cutlery) and in the past, free cotton bags to local residents
  • Actively showcasing fun creative projects which make lovely USEFUL things from stuff which would otherwise be thrown away e.g. our smelly socks (lavender stuffed odd socks, collected at the Bring & Take), and the infamous LCWO ear gong (must be heard to be believed…) ** check out our growing collection of favourite waste-to-useful-funky-thing ideas here! **
  • Plus: litter picks; swishing; education and awareness raising; reusing old plastic bags to make arts and crafts, and new stronger bags; working with local shop holders to reduce use of plastic bags

The fabulous biannual Bring & Take

LCWO held its first Bring & Take event in 2009, and has held two every year since.  Each one attracts 200+ people, and 1000+ items are swapped.

This leads to an estimated 1.53 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided / 1 tonne waste / 740kg diverted from landfill!

Wondering what a Bring & Take looks like? Check out our post about the 2017 Harvest B&T.  Find out more about our Bring & Takes here, and see when the next one is coming up on our calendar.

Want to join others and get involved in work like this?  Drop us a line!