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We are looking for someone to work closely with LCWO committee members and advisors, including our partners at Oxfordshire Greentech, to help undertake a ground-breaking climate change initiative focused on large businesses with premises in the West Oxford area.

Please send expressions of interest to Mim Saxl (mim@lcwo.org.uk) by Friday 10th January including a CV and short covering letter explaining why you think you would be well placed to carry out this role.  We will get back to you by January 20th.


LCWO was set up after the unprecedented summer floods in 2007, to reduce our individual and community contribution to climate change. Local businesses in West Oxford retail and industrial estates make up a large proportion of West Oxford’s (and Oxford city’s) carbon footprint.  We want to create a virtuous race to the top (a) between companies on the industrial and retail estate and (b) between West Oxford and other business/retail estates in the city and beyond, by developing a scorecard to capture their implementation of various carbon reduction and biodiversity measures.

The scorecard is being developed in partnership with Oxfordshire Greentech (https://oxfordshiregreentech.co.uk), and is part of One Planet Oxfordshire (www.bioregional.com/projects-and-services/influencing-wider-change/one-planet-oxfordshire).

Purpose of the role

To help develop and publicise a business scorecard for selected businesses with outlets in West Oxford according to pre-identified indicators on climate change, biodiversity, local funding and community engagement that will help:

  • Create a virtuous race to the top (a) between companies on the industrial and retail estate and (b) between West Oxford and other business/retail estates in the city on selected carbon reduction and biodiversity measures;
  • Potentially accelerate business’ carbon emission reduction in a way that creates practical benefit for staff, environment and the community;
  • Catalyse them to work together with each other and with Low Carbon Oxford and Oxfordshire Greentech, including to share learning and best practice around carbon reduction;
  • Encourage them to think about, consult and work with residents to examine their impact on local community – whether via carbon emissions, flooding, traffic/congestion, air pollution, biodiversity, beauty, rubbish.

The methodology will be informed by Oxfam’s tried-and-tested business scorecards.




You will work closely with LCWO committee members and advisors to help develop the scorecard, including helping to:

  • Liaise with key stakeholders as required;
  • Arrange and attend meetings with managers of identified local businesses with LCWO committee members to consult on proposed indicators for the scorecard;
  • Solicit formal comments from companies on the proposed scorecard;
  • Refine indicators and rubrics for the scorecard, with guidance from our expert advisors and project partners;
  • Conduct research to populate the scorecard via:
    • desk research into company policies & practices
    • local observation
    • further meetings with business managers to fill gaps or interpret findings
  • Finalise the score card
  • Organise a meeting with key stakeholders and businesses to discuss findings and actions



  • We would like the scorecard and related research to be ready to publish by early June 2020, in time for Low Carbon Oxford week
  • We estimate the task will involve around ten days of work
  • The work is flexible and can be carried out over a few months


Person specification


  • Proven research skills
  • Good people and diplomatic skills



  • Knowledge or experience of corporate carbon reduction policies and programmes
  • Knowledge or experience of corporate social and environmental responsibility


Terms and Conditions:

This is a voluntary role.

LCWO will cover associated expenses according to a pre-agreed budget.

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