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Our friends at Earthwatch’s Naturehood project (currently running in the Florence Park and Marston parts of the city) have identified the 3 actions everyone in Oxford can take this winter, which will have the biggest positive impact on the wildlife around us.

Here’s the list.  What can you do?

1. Install houses for hedgehogs
2. Put up nesting boxes for sparrows
3. Provide homes for insects using leaf piles, log piles and compost heaps – i.e. if you have a garden or shared green space, keep at least part of it messy, which sounds pretty easy!

If you don’t have your own garden or shared green space, can you encourage a local business to do something on the list instead?

Naturehood have great instructions on how to make your own hedgehog house and sparrow box on their website here.

If you do follow through on one or more of these actions, why not let us know via twitter or email?

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