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As we mentioned in an earlier post, we got a shock when we discovered our photo of a small plastic eyebrow comb from a Christmas cracker had become a meme and been shared 85,000+ times on facebook! In the shared post, not created by us, it was accompanied by the suggestion of boycotting crackers to avoid the plastic waste they generate; but the original photo came from our 2017 blogpost about how to make your own, rather than any suggestion that you give up a tradition many people love.

Check out the original post about making Christmas crackers without the waste, as well as our ‘how to make a bird feeder in under 60 seconds’ video (below).

Cracker contents ideas:

  • personalised jokes
  • chocolates
  • pack of seeds
  • charity shop jewellry
  • give each person one piece of a puzzle to do together
  • or go big, and roll up a ticket to a show…

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