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Giving people all the info they need about the environmental, ethical and health reasons for reducing their meat intake is not sufficient, according to this article written by Oxford academic Filippo Bianchi.  This information is used by our ‘Einstein Brain System’, which makes us behave rationally and in line with what we know about the pros and cons of doing something, and well, when we shop, we tend to be more Homer Simpson than Einstein – we’re impulsive and easily guided.

In his article, ‘Five ways to encourage people to reduce their meat intake – without them even realising‘, published by The Conversation in November last year, Filippo Bianchi outlines five ways in which restaurants and retailers could significantly reduce meat intake.

  1. Reduce portion size
  2. Design greener menus
  3. Position meat out of sight
  4. Help people make the obvious connection
  5. Develop delicious meat-free products


Curious?  Read the whole article here.


And whilst you’re at it, maybe have a think about what this might look like for food businesses in West Oxford, and how we might encourage them to target our Homer Simpson brains.

Taking part in Veganuary?  We’d love to hear how you’re getting on, and any tips you have for others!

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