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If we’re to create the positive future so many of us hope for, and one in which climate change and extinctions don’t dominate, we need everyone on board.  We all need to be activists.

For some people, ‘activism’ seems to come naturally – they might enjoy the thrill of public speaking, be energised by being in big crowds and drawing attention to themselves, which a lot of direct action seems to assume as a no-brainer component. So what if you’re an introvert?

In fact, most of us are a combination of introvert and extrovert, and there are a lot of myths about what the former means – but there are certain characteristics associated with introversion, such as finding extended time with others exhausting and overwhelming, and needing more time alone to recharge.
Image: Joe Wolf, Flickr Creative Commons
Another common theme is the idea of introverts as observers, people who think before they act.  That sounds like a pretty essential skill for humanity if we want to beat this climate catastrophe.
As does the practice of self care, knowing when and how to recharge.
A few months ago, I came across this brilliant Tedx talk by Sarah Corbett, ‘Activism needs introverts’.  If you haven’t watched it, it is worth 14 minutes of your time, whether or not you consider yourself an introvert – to involve everyone, we need to be thinking about what makes different people tick.



Inspiring stuff!

And the lovely news is that, following a successful event and discussion on craftivism in autumn, Oxfordshire’s Community Action Groups (CAG) are setting up a regular event for people who want to come together to make crafts, banners, creative pieces of work for a social cause – something which might well appeal to those introvert activists looking for ways to get involved in something important, without doing things which don’t feel natural. There will be tea, cosy vibes and conversation as always, for those who want it. Materials provided for a small donation, but please bring your own too!

Find out more about Craftivsm here: https://craftivist-collective.com/

And check out the Craftivism Meet-up here on facebook – with details also on our website.

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