Introducing our new Lead Programme Manager

Hi there! My name is Mim Saxl and I’m the new Lead Programme Manager for Low Carbon West Oxford.

A bit about me: I have been working in the environmental sector as a campaigner and network builder for over ten years, with a focus on empowering community-level action on climate change.

I cut my teeth running a training programme for COIN (now Climate Outreach), and have also worked for the British Council, NERC, Stop Climate Chaos and local foodie social enterprise Cultivate, for which I am now a Director. I’ve been involved in Barracks Lane Community Garden and East Oxford Farmers’ and Community Market, and am a serious foodie, so look out for some fun food stuff in the months to come. I’m also a photographer, and have my own freelance business, Mim Saxl Photography.

Before joining the LCWO team, I ran agile-ox at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, working to build more links and collaboration between researchers and Oxfordshire’s inhabitants, before leaving to have my second daughter, born last October .

I’ve joined LCWO for 2 days a week from June, and will be working Mondays and Fridays – hopefully often to be found with my laptop in the WOCA Cafe, so pop by and say hello!


Email: Mobile: 07531 500955

LCWO Newsletter December 2016

LCWO’s latest newsletter covers:  the health impacts of living in a damp home and information about support available in Oxford to address this, some positive and negative actions from the big carbon emitting countries and a call to everyone to act now to stop global warming reaching 1.5 degrees; details of a city council promotion to encourage more recycling; and looking for mammals in our wildlife area, Kingfisher Corner.

LCWO’s newsletter now forms part of the West Oxford Community Association newsletter.  It is delivered in hard copy to all households in West Oxford and distributed to members and supporters by email.  It is shown here as a standalone newsletter.

LCWO news December 2016



LCWO Newsletter June 2016

LCWO’s latest newsletter is now available as part of the West Oxford Community Association newsletter but is shown here as a standalone newsletter.  It is delivered in hard copy to all households in West Oxford.

This issue focusses on: issues of concern to West Oxford residents, particularly air pollution, and actions we can take to reduce it, Low Carbon Oxford Week 2016, Osney Lock Hydro electricity generation figures and the Low Carbon Hub’s Share Offer 2016.

June 2016 LCWO newsletter


How clean is our air?

The harmful impact of air pollution on health has been known for some time.   Air pollution has been linked to the development of a range of diseases including cancer, asthma, stroke and heart disease, diabetes and obesity as well as to changes linked to dementia.  It is also known that spikes in air pollution make the situation worse for people already suffering from Continue reading “How clean is our air?”

Community energy share offer 2016

Let’s power up Oxfordshire with community-owned renewable energy

The Low Carbon Hub, now in its fifth year, has launched a Share Offer to support the continuing development of hydro and solar community energy projects in Oxfordshire.   Investors can choose to invest in the Sandford Lock Hydro project or the Solar 2016 portfolio of 18 new solar pv installations on school and business rooftops across Oxfordshire, or they can invest in both.   The share offer opened in the middle of April and closes at 5pm on 11th July 2016.   Information about the Share Offer and how to invest can be found on the Low Carbon Hub website. Continue reading “Community energy share offer 2016”

LCWO newsletter April 2016

LCWO’s latest newsletter is now available as part of the West Oxford Community Association newsletter but is shown here as a standalone newsletter.  It is delivered in hard copy to all households in West Oxford.

This issue focuses on:  LCWO’s open meeting where Waitrose and Sainsbury’s outlined what they were doing to reduce their carbon emissions and residents put forward ideas for further improvements; and the milestone reached by our sister organisation, West Oxford Community Renewables – the generation of their one millionth unit of green electricity.

March 2016 LCWO newsletter




How green is your supermarket?

Low Carbon West Oxford recently held an open meeting called ‘How Green is your Supermarket’ to find out what our local supermarkets are doing to reduce their carbon emissions and help residents make greener food choices.

All 6 local supermarkets were invited: the Coop, Tesco Express, Aldi’s, Waitrose, Sainsburys and M & S. Waitrose and Sainsbury’s actually attended and The Co-operative sent apologies and a copy of their Social Responsibility Report 2015 v9.

Continue reading “How green is your supermarket?”

The Paris Climate Deal: words are not enough

A message from the climate talks to world leaders and people everywhere
A message to world leaders and people everywhere

World leaders will be judged by their deeds not by their words

Last month (December 2015) the leaders of 200 countries gathered together in Paris and agreed on a landmark deal to tackle climate change. The Paris climate deal, The Paris Agreement, includes an important ambition to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees C, and a long-term goal to bring global emissions to zero.
Importantly countries are required to come back to the table every 5 years to increase their ambition in reaching these goals.

Words are not enough

The deal sends a powerful message that fossil fuels have had their day. However, it doesn’t mean we can now sit back and let governments get on with it. Current pledges to reduce polluting carbon emissions are not strong enough to keep us safe from dangerous climate change. The goal for getting to zero emissions is too far in the future and there is a risk that some countries will not do enough. Continue reading “The Paris Climate Deal: words are not enough”

West Oxford Community Survey

Towards the end of October we delivered a community survey in hard copy to all residents in  West Oxford to ask them how we can best support them to reduce energy waste in their home.  By reducing energy waste residents will be able to reduce their fuel bills and help to reduce our community’s carbon emissions.

We will collate the responses we receive and use the information in our applications for funding to provide the information, advice, support and energy-efficiency measures which residents need.  Any information we use will be anonymous so no individual will be identified.

Prize draw

A copy of the survey can be downloaded here as a Word document, saved, completed and returned to us by email to  Alternatively you can download the survey as a PDF here; open the survey and complete it by clicking on “Fill and sign” in the right-hand panel.  The “Fill and sign” menu bar which then appears, gives you the option of using text, a tick or a circle for your answers as well as an option for your signature.  Return your completed PDF survey to as an attachment.  If you return your completed survey, including the section for your contact details,  by the end of the day on 5th November 2015 we will enter you into a prize draw for £100 of energy efficiency improvements for your home.   The prize draw rules can be found at the end of the survey.

Highlights of the ‘For the love of …..’ lobby

The best bits

It was a sunny day on 17th June when 9,000 people from around the UK came to Westminster for a mass lobby of Parliament to speak up for what they hold dear that could be affected by climate change.  They spoke to over 330 MPs.  Find out what happened in the highlights video.

Speaking up

Amber Rudd,  Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, was interviewed about the lobby.  She said she welcomed the campaign and that “Politicians can’t deliver on the ambition without the public saying we need you to do this.”  But will the government deliver?

For the love of …… all that we hold dear

On 17th June about 9,000 people went to Westminster to lobby their MPs to help protect all the things they love from climate change.  The Energy Bill Revolution, one of the groups involved in the event, called upon the government to make insulating homes a priority “for the love of 2 million cold children” because insulated homes use less fuel which is good for the climate and cuts bills.   The Guardian gave a full report on the event.

The role of bunting

In the run up to the event LCWO members Ruth Stavris, Miranda Miller and Vicky Hirsch organised “For the Love of…….” bunting workshops in West Oxford and at the Big Green Day Out fair in Broad Street at the start of Low Carbon Oxford Week.  The bunting showed MPs the things we love and could lose as a result of climate change.

Bunting - carrots Do the right thing bunting Save me bunting Rows of bunting from West Oxford

LCWO lobbyists

LCWO members Lois Muddiman and Ruth Mayne spent one hour with 35 other Oxfordshire residents lobbying our MP Nicola Blackwood providing suggestions on how to address the difficulties faced by local councils and community groups in accessing grants for energy efficiency measures.


For the love of ……..

Speak up for the things you love that could be lost to climate change

The things we love are threatened by climate change – but we can protect them by urging politicians to act.

On 17th June thousands of people from across the UK are coming together for a day of action and celebration and to speak to their MPs and tell them why fighting climate change matters to us all.  This will be the biggest ever UK MP climate lobby, and the first mass lobby of the new government.  Continue reading “For the love of ……..”

Low Carbon Oxford Week 2015 calendar of events

Low Carbon Oxford Week 2015 has something for everyone.  This What’s On guide will help you make the most of the week:  Low Carbon Oxford Week full events listing.  A hard copy of the listing is also available from shops, community centres and leisure centres across the city.  You can find more details about each event on the LCO website.    All events are free unless otherwise stated and booking is required for some events and activities. Continue reading “Low Carbon Oxford Week 2015 calendar of events”

Low Carbon Oxford Week 13-21 June 2015

Low Carbon Oxford (LCO) Week was a huge hit in 2014 and it’s back again this year with even more activities and events for you to get involved in.   If you missed it last year you can get an idea of what it was about from this short video.

LCO Week is a summer festival which uses culture, creativity and community to inspire local people to take action against climate change.  It’s a celebration of all things good and green in Continue reading “Low Carbon Oxford Week 13-21 June 2015”

Bring and Take Saturday 9th May 2015

Our twice-yearly swap shop for residents of West Oxford is happening tomorrow at the West Oxford Community Centre.   Residents can save money, cut carbon emissions and take home a whole range of things, some useful, some unusual:  a pile of books to read, or a ‘new’ outfit, or a DVD of a favourite film, or even a life-size cardboard cut out of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars!

Bring & Take poster May 2015

An unusal find at the Bring & Take
You can find all sorts at the Bring & Take!

Question your election candidates on environmental issues

A climate change hustings is being held on Tuesday 28th April at 7.30pm in the Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall.

Low Carbon West Oxford and Low Carbon Oxford North put a series of questions on environmental issues to the parliamentary candidates for Oxford West and Abingdon.   The climate change hustings is a chance for you to put your own questions to the candidates on the key environmental issues affecting everyone.   Questions can be emailed in advance to or tweeted to @Lowcon using hashtag#hustingsq, or you can submit them on the night.

climate change hustings poster april 2015

What the manifestos say on climate and energy

Carbon Brief tracks manifesto promises

The UK’s closest election in a generation is now only two weeks away.   Carbon Brief has been tracking the climate and energy content of the parties’ manifestos as they were launched.  Their climate and energy tracker table allows an easy comparison between the parties on twenty-five issues.

Carbon Brief reports on the latest developments and media coverage of climate science and energy policy, with a particular focus on the UK.   They produce news coverage, analysis and factchecks, and publish a daily and weekly email briefing.

Energy efficiency commitments in election manifestos

Low Carbon West Oxford is a supporter of the Energy Bill Revolution (EBR), campaigning for warm homes and lower energy bills for all.  The EBR is an alliance of children’s and older people’s charities, health and disability groups, environment groups, consumer groups, trade unions, businesses, politicians and public figures.

The EBR has been reviewing the parties’ commitments to energy efficiency as set out in their election manifestos.   EBR’s views (not necessarily LCWO’s) can be read on their website.

The election manifestos published so far for parties with candidates in Oxford West and Abingdon are: Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Conservative Party, Green Party, UK Independence Party UKIPSocialist Party of GB.  The  remaining party, the National Health Action Party, has not yet published its manifesto but its policies are shown on its website.


Low Carbon West Oxford – LCWO

LCWO was set up after the summer floods of 2007 by residents concerned about climate change and local flooding.

It is a community-led initiative which aims to combat climate change by cutting our community carbon dioxide emissions by 80 % by 2050, encouraging residents to live more sustainably, and contributing to a more cohesive and resilient community.

We seek to work in an inclusive manner and ensure that everyone who lives and works in the area has a chance to participate in and benefit from LCWO’s projects.

It’s better by bike!

The benefits of cycling to work
Cycling is Greener, Quicker, Faster, Cheaper, Healthier, Smarter, Sexier.

As part of Climate Week seven of our members cycled along the Botley Road during rush hour on Friday 7th March  wearing hi-vis vests displaying one of the following words:  Greener, Quicker, Happier, Cheaper, Healthier, Smarter, Sexier.  Our aim was to encourage commuters to get on their bikes, beat the traffic jams, get fitter, save money, reduce their carbon footprint and reduce air pollution.

Continue reading “It’s better by bike!”