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Let’s power up Oxfordshire with community-owned renewable energy

The Low Carbon Hub, now in its fifth year, has launched a Share Offer to support the continuing development of hydro and solar community energy projects in Oxfordshire.   Investors can choose to invest in the Sandford Lock Hydro project or the Solar 2016 portfolio of 18 new solar pv installations on school and business rooftops across Oxfordshire, or they can invest in both.   The share offer opened in the middle of April and closes at 5pm on 11th July 2016.   Information about the Share Offer and how to invest can be found on the Low Carbon Hub website.

Sandford Hydro

Sandford HydroThis is the Low Carbon Hub’s biggest renewable energy project to date.  It will help to return the Lasher Weir on the Thames to its historic role as a provider of clean energy.  The scheme will generate a massive 1,600MWh of renewable electricity each year, which is the equivalent demand for about 450 homes (most of Sandford).


Solar 2016

Solar 2016

When added to the Low Carbon Hub’s first wave of solar PV projects, the eighteen new solar PV installations will mean that 17,000 Oxfordshire school pupils and 4,500 employees will benefit from renewable energy every year.


Vision for a new energy system

Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise working for a massive change in the energy system. They reinvest 100% of their own surplus in their mission to create an energy system we can all feel good about, in Oxfordshire and the UK.  You can read about their vision for a new energy system in The Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Manifesto May 2016.

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