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Speak up for the things you love that could be lost to climate change

The things we love are threatened by climate change – but we can protect them by urging politicians to act.

On 17th June thousands of people from across the UK are coming together for a day of action and celebration and to speak to their MPs and tell them why fighting climate change matters to us all.  This will be the biggest ever UK MP climate lobby, and the first mass lobby of the new government. 

What’s the programme for the day?

A   Lobby Guide tells you what’s happening on the day and includes a map of where it’s taking place.  You can also check out the frequently asked questions about the lobby.   There will be workshops, music, entertainment and a rally at 4.30pm.  

What are the ‘asks’?

The Climate Coalition is asking UK politicians to tackle climate change at home and throughout the world.  The goal worldwide is 100% clean, safe energy by 2050, protecting people and nature.

The difference a day makes?

Now following the election, this is a unique opportunity to get climate change right to the top of the political agenda, whether you go in person to meet your MP or whether you write to them, the important thing is to tell them why fighting climate change matters to you and to ask them to commit to strong action on climate change during this crucial year.  Nicola Blackwood, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon has said she will meet constituents at 1.10pm during the mass lobby.

Let’s not lose what we love to climate change, just because no-one knew we cared. 

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