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The Big Dig

What a fantastic day!

A huge thank you to over 120 willing volunteers from South Oxford, West Oxford, Oxgrow, the University and further afield, who worked so hard in atrocious weather conditions, to plant trees.

Some stayed all day and some came just to plant one tree and together we planted 1,100 trees.

  • Hazel: 350
  • Ash: 300
  • Oak: 25
  • Wild cherry: 50
  • Rowan: 50
  • Field maple: 75
  • Small leafed lime: 50
  • Crab apple: 50
  • Guelder rose: 50
  • Spindle: 50
  • Dogwood: 50

The day long rain helped to water them in nicely and give them a strong start. Over the coming months we will see them start to grow inside their deer protectors. In 3 to 5 years time, we will have a very impressive young woodland.

The trees themselves should not require any maintenance in the near future other than regular weeding to make sure that grass and weeds do not restrict their growth. We have given them a good start by removing the turf from around the planting site.

As well as planting trees, volunteers had the opportunity to have a look inside the pavilion and see some outline plans for a small wind turbine on site.

We will be arranging further activities on the site in the near future – watch this space for further details.

Anyone who is interested in getting involved should contact us by following the link Contact Us.

Big Dig Gallery

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