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As the light fades, and the evenings become dark, it’s perfect candle-burning time. A friend has organised a winter lantern walk this evening for friends (she is German, and was inspired by Laternelaufen).

We made some super quick and super easy lanterns – a great way to celebrate the colours of autumn and the diversity of our trees, plus use easy-to-find and reusable components.  AND – when the leaves shrivel, you can just pop new ones (or feathers, or flowers, or…) in, so you can use it over and over again.

Here’s the how to:

To make one, you need a glass jar, some wire or string, some leaves, an elastic band or hair band to secure the decorations and a little candle.


  • Wind the wire around the mouth of the jar, making sure it is under the thread and tight enough to not slip off when you use it to suspend the jar (we added some gaffa tap to hide the sharp wire ends)
  • Pop the elastic band around the body of the jar
  • Feed some leaves though between the band and the jar, to hold them in place
  • Pop a candle into the jar et voila!
The finished product – very pretty and you can put fresh leaves in whenever you want to.

Lantern walk or none, you can pop it on a mantle piece or hang up in your home – just make sure you are careful where you put them and remember to put them out, as candles can be dangerous!

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