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Kingfisher Corner - Wildlife Wetland Area
On May 1st, LCWO officially opened a new wildlife area in Botley Park.

LCWO volunteers have also helped plant 600 new trees on the edges of Botley and Oatlands park to help aborb Co2 and reduce local flooding and attract wildlife.

Kingfisher Corner – Wildlife Wetland Area
Kingfisher Corner was created as a wildlife wetland area on the site of the old play park which was moved next to the Community Centre café by the
Council in 2009.

The move created an opportunity to encourage wildlife and diversity into the park. The tree and wildlife projects have been designed and supervised by the Forest of Oxford (a local charity), in coordination with Oxford City Council.

Kingfisher Corner - FritillariesTwo ‘scrapes’ have been excavated to provide different habitats for plants and animals.

Species planted around the wetland area include:

  • cherry
  • alder
  • rowan
  • dog rose
  • buddleia
  • buckthorn
  • fritillaries
  • cowslip
  • purple loosestrife
  • marsh marigold

Future plans include building an otter holt on a specially prepared location near the stream. Please let us know if you see kingfishers or otters here!

Other Projects in the Local Parks
Volunteers from Low Carbon West Oxford and Forest of Oxford have teamed up with the children from West Oxford Primary School & from the local Woodcraft Folk to plant a variety of native trees, shrubs and flowers on the edges of Botley Park and Oatlands Road Recreation ground.

Kingfisher Corner - PlantingAs well as helping encourage wildlife and bio-diversity the trees will help absorb carbon dioxide and suck up water to reduce local flooding.

Some wildflowers including purple loosestrife and marsh marigold have also been planted.

Other species planted in the parks include:

  • white poplar
  • white willow
  • alder
  • weeping willow
  • golden willow
  • scarlet willow

Kingfisher Corner is funded by:

  • Trust for Oxford Environment
  • Wiley Blackwell
  • Mid Counties Co-operative

Anyone who is interested in getting involved should contact us by following the link Contact Us.

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