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In his role as a Low Carbon Hub Energy Champion, Neville has been going to the Oxford City Larder with his stall over the last few months, and last Friday was his seventh time there.  The week before last, we circulated information (by leaflet and social media) to let larder members know we (Neville and Mim) would be there again with some specific freebies and to sign people up to the Priority Services Register.

We turned up last Friday with a stash of free window insulation kits, thermometers and radiator keys to give away, with a how-to sheet for bleeding radiators; a set of small measuring kits to lend out to people to enable them to measure radiators against external walls that would benefit from radiator foil and draughty windows and doors that would benefit from draught tape.

And this time, instead of just having a stall to the side of the room, which though has had reasonably constant if low footfall, I (Mim) positioned myself, with prior agreement from Saman and the larder team, between the food items people can collect and therefor within the natural flow of all attendees.  The results of this were positive.

About 90 people came through the larder in the hour I was able to stay, and more than half of those coming in spoke to me as they passed (including the local MP).  We handed out 23 window insulation kits, 45 radiator keys (including to the local school’s caretaker who had had to call out a plumber earlier in the week as he couldn’t find his key), and 31 thermometers.

Attendees were then directed to Neville for longer conversations (of which he had 7), and 6 people borrow a measuring kit.

We will continue to be at the larder offering energy advice on a roughly fortnightly basis, so do pop by for freebies and with any questions.

Some of the things we can help you with:

  • Signing up to the Priority Service Register
  • Free radiator foil, radiator keys, dehumidifers and window kits
  • Advice on support available to you whatever your circumstances
  • Resources on mould & condensation, draughts and more…

Low Carbon Hub have just comissioned the translation of the Warmer Winter checklist into Ukrainian, and we’re looking forward to being able to share those with Ukrainian larder visitors.  For upcoming stall dates, head to our calendar.

Our take-home measuring kit; our wares on the larder tables; Neville with the stall


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