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Thanks to the 30+ people who came along to the tree planting planning meeting, following our ACT Now workshop, on Saturday at WOCA.  It was really great to have so much energy in the room.  Thanks too to Julian Cooper from Oxford City Council for coming to tell us about what we can do this winter.

We now have a date for the planting, so please share with friends and come along with cake and enthusiam!  Full event info here:


If you missed the meeting, but want email updates about tree planting, join the tree mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/gFYGoj

A brief summary of what went on at the meeting, for those who couldn’t make it:

  • 30+ people were there, representing a further 30+ not in the room – so that’s a great start!
  • Julian and his colleagues from Oxford Direct Services (ODS) are doing a series of plantings around the city for National Tree Week – and they have space for West Oxford in their calendar on November 24, 10-4;
  • Julian is purchasing the trees, and the will include birch, cherry, hazel, white beam, gelder and more – full list coming soon.  They will be planted to immitate a natural forest, combining big trees and shrubs;


  • Low Carbon West Oxford (LCWO) is sorting out the funding for the 525 trees (approx. £700) and a funding reuqest has gone in to Cllr Susanna Pressel who is very supportive of the project;
  • The trees on the 24th will look disappointing – they will be really small, and this is a long term game!’
  • They will be planted at 2-3m intervals;
  • We can expect to lose 15-20% of the trees in the first 5 years – they will then self-thin
  • LCWO will organise hot drink availability on the 24th; ODS will provide trees, kit for planting and expertise;
  • Some clearing of willow and bramble has already been done in preparation – in 3-4 years, the trees will start to provide useful cover for e.g. brambles and other species;
  • This planting will be part of National Tree Week and OxFoE’s Oxfordshire Trees for the Future.


  • ODS needed to see adequate demonstrable commitment for the planting and maintanance of the trees for the first 5 years, and we believe Julian was convinced at the meeting – so thanks for those who came along;
  • The community commitment is to help to plant the 500+ trees this winter, with a willingness to help with mulching and weeding a few times a year for the next 5 years, until the trees can be left to their own devices;
  • Low Carbon West Oxford (LCWO) will hold a ‘mulch & munch’ event in spring 2020 and summer 2020, to care for the trees – and 2-3 times a year beyond until 2024; ODS will provide woodchip and equipment for these events for free;
  • The community’s commitment to mulching means that Julian and his team can avoid using chemical maintenance to keep weeds down;
  • The trees will not be watered, as if they need watering, the planting is not sustainable;
  • Other maintenance: making sure the cane and spiral stays in place;
  • The more kids we get involved, the more sustainable the project & planting;


  • Julian has some time to work with schools and youth groups towards the end of the week starting the 24th of November, so people should contact him if they are interested in organising another planting – we can put you in touch via this contact form;
  • If you’d like to be trained as tree warden, Julian and his team will be providing training in December – details to follow;
  • For domestic gardens, go for fruit trees – good for polinators, provide fruit; make sure they are the right rootstock;
  • Trees & flooding: trees slow water and allow the ground to absorb it – so they are important in uplands e.g. the Lake District;
  • LCWO is keen to promote its West Oxford Tree Trail, and past tree planting in the area – watch this space!


See you on the 24th!



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