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We are living through a profoundly weird time.  It is hard to plan even into the next week, let alone think about festivities at the turning of the year, so it can be a relief to focus on some things you CAN decide to do this autumn and winter, regardless of any restricitions and lockdowns which may or may not be heading our way.

This evening we are launching a new West Oxford Naturehood Group with an introductory online session, and we’ll hear from Dr Dan Hayhow how our nature activities and surveying of the naturespace around us (whatever the size – balcony, garden, field) can contribute to essential research and help to halt wildlife decline.

Sign up to the event here.


Naturehood have just released a series of new ‘how to’ guides, outlining a range of actions we can take in our gardens and local area, to improve things for local wildlife.  These guides contain actions we can all decide to take over the next few months, regardless of what is going on beyond our front door.

Plant flowers, build leaf and log piles, create sparrow homes, ensure wildlife can travel safely through your space and make a mini pond – full info on how to do any of these things in the downloadable guides below.

And if you do decide to do something, or have questions about how to do them – or simply wish to hear about others doing things and compare notes on local wildlife, join us on our West Oxford Naturehood Group on the Natuehood platform.

Click below to download the guides:

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