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Update from Oxford Swift City team:


First swift sighting in Oxfordshire

The first swift reported in the county was at Farmoor yesterday spotted by Dave Lowe, one of our surveyors!  That’s the same location as the first report last year but five days later, which is not surprising given the cool temperatures and northerly winds.


They will probably feed up for a couple of weeks in places like Farmoor and Otmoor, where there are lots of insects, before heading into urban areas to look for nest sites.


Oxford Swift City Meeting

So they are just in time for our meeting!


Click here to join the meeting at 7.30pm Monday 26 April 2021


The meeting will be held using Microsoft Teams.  There is no need to download the Teams App.  When you click on the link above, one of the options is to join the meeting using your web browser.  Take that option to avoid downloading the App.



  1. Welcome – especially to our many new survey volunteers
  2. Recap results from 2020
  3. Questions on the survey
  4. Update on activities so far in 2021
  5. Other plans for the summer


Survey squares still available

We have allocated 110 squares to 106 volunteers!  But there are still 28 available – mostly around Blackbird Leys, Headington and Risinghurst.  If you know anyone who might be interested direct them to the training video and they can email OxfordSwiftCity@rspb.org.uk to volunteer.


We are within reach of covering the whole city for the first time ever!  One more push for volunteers.


RSPB Turtle Dove National Survey

If the swift survey is not enough to satisfy your surveying needs this summer check this out






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Colm Ó Caomhánaigh and Rachel Pearson
Joint Coordinator, Oxford Swift City Group

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