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Thanks to the 90+ of you who came along to Going Dutch on Wednesday night!

More to follow, including some other key factoids worth remembering as we go forwards, but just wanted to share this statistic, which Robert Weetman mentioned in his opening lines:

As we know, Holland is a fantastic place to cycle, and boasts some of the most cycle- and pedestrian-friendly cities in the world.

But get this: that very same country also boasts the HIGHEST LEVELS of DRIVER SATISFACTION in the world.


According to the Waze Satisfaction ranking of worldwide driver satisfaction, Holland ranks #1 out of 38 countries (countries selected for comparison as all have more than 20,000+ monthly active users, to ensure data accuracy and fair market comparisons).

Holland ranks #1 for driver satisfaction out of 38 countries included in the comparison; the UK lags behind at 17.

Looking at the Waze stats (which you can see in all their glory here), the key difference seems to be down to traffic levels and road quality, with less congestion and higher road quality likely to be positive co-benefits of an improved cycling system.

So, it really is true: #driversmissout too in the UK, and stand to gain from efforts to replicate the Dutch system. Come on Oxford, #GoDutch!

HUGE THANKS to Scott Urban for approaching LCWO about putting this event together, and all the time he put into making it happen; to Robert Weetman for joining us from Edinburgh; Tap Social for hosting and GreenboxFoodCo for their seriously tasty burgers.

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