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… as opposed to Dutch courage – not what we suggest to start the week.

Hopefully many of you will have taken the time to respond to the informal consultation on the Zero Emissions Zone, which closed yesterday.  If you did, well done!

It will be interesting to see how that develops, and what happens next.  We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, here is some very inspiring stuff from Holland – and specifically from Groningen, a city where over 60% of all journeys are made by bike and that boasts the cleanest air of all big Dutch cities:

‘How Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world’, The Guardian 29 July 2015

You might also want to look up the work of Robert Weetman, a transport engineer in awe of the incredible Dutch active travel rates.  He does a really good job of illustrating what the difference between options for road use are very clearly. You can find his blog here.

We are hoping to invite him to Oxford in the next few months to talk about his findings, so again, watch this space.

Know of other inspiring transport systems around the world?  We’d love to hear from you, so we can share them – the more ideas and inspiration, the better!


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