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At the beginning of May we brought 3 expert speakers together to run a pratical workshop on greening personal finances, the 5th workshop in our ACT Now series.   A copy of the zoom workshop is now available here to watch as a video and to be shared as a resource.  Of course, it is evidently a recording of a zoom workshop, so nothing beautiful, but hopefully offers a good overview of things to consider.  Below, you can also download the slides from two of the speakers, and we hope to add the third set soon.

About the workshop

Ethex’s Rachel Mountain sets the context for the workshop, introducing the idea of a green recovery from COVID-19 and #buildbackbetter.  She then covers 5 areas where individuals can have impact through their financial choices: banking, pensions, ISAs (savings), funds & greenwashing, direct investing (covering equity bonds, loans and more).

The Low Carbon Hub’s Saskya Huggins talks about opportunities for direct investing locally, with a brief overview of West Oxford’s cutting edge work on this front.

Al Chisholm from Fossil Free Oxfordshire then covers the flip side of investing: divesting, and specifically, opportunities to get involved with divestment in Oxfordshire.





www.banktrack.org: BankTrack is the international tracking, campaigning and NGO support organisation focused on banks and the activities they finance.

good-with-money.com: Put your money where it can make the world a better place. Tips, guidance, facts and inspiration.

www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-8686003/Green-money-guide-make-finances-greener.html: The big green money guide from This Is Money.

makemymoneymatter.co.uk/21x/: Make you pension green.

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