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Some deeply inspiring stuff happening in London this week at the XR October Rebellion.  Here are a few examples – and I should warn you, some of them may cause goosebumps, and may inspire you to head to London yourself:

1) The tree for each and every MP

Young trees were taken to Parliament Square earlier this week, each one destined for and labelled with the name of a different MP.

Photos by Julia Hollander


2) Paralympian James Brown superglues himself to the top of a plane


3) Mother & baby nurse-in outside Downing Street

4) Former policemen in their own words on why they are getting arrested

5) Beautiful and creative scenes which make a great opener for talking to a child

I used this particular video (number 5) to chat to my 8 year old on the school run this morning about incredible stuff happening in London.  I asked why the octopus, and she had a clear answer straight away – sea life is in grave danger.  I then went on to tell her about James Brown (see 2 above), and we shared a moment of awe.  “I wouldn’t do that”, she said.  Let’s hope she doesn’t have to, because incredible individuals like James are doing it for her.

Thanks to each and every person taking action in London this week, and to all those taking action closer to home too.  Change is coming.  Even Benedict Cumberbatch thinks so!

And if you are in Oxford and keen to do something, why not head along to the XR bike ride this afternoon?  Details of that plus other local events here on the XR Oxford website.


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