Developed in partnership with Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon.

This powerpoint presentation and associated ‘climate challenge’ pamphlet is for use with Key Stage 2 age children – 7-11 years.  It is suitable for a school setting, but also for use by extra curricular groups, and can be used as the basis for either a 30 minute or 50 minute session.

You can download and print the associated pamplet herePLEASE NOTE: this resource is FREE to use and distribute, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC  license.  This is one of several pamphlets being produced by LCWO, under the banner of Kids Climate Action Network (Kids CAN).  The next will give a sound introduction to the basic facts of climate change, to ensure Key Stage 2 children understand the issue in a safe way.

Coming soon: Introduction to climate change for KS2.


Editable presentation powerpoint: KidsCAN school powerpoint July 2019 Final

PDF version of the same powerpoint presentation (not editable): KidsCAN school powerpoint July 2019 Final

KS2 example lesson/assembly plan to accompany PowerPoint and Climate Challenge leaflet: Kids CAN KS2 example assembly or lesson plan Summer 2019

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