Reducing Waste

The waste reduction projects aim to reduce waste through the reduction, re-use, sharing and recycling of products.

The group won a grant from Oxford Council to conduct a plastic bag survey in the area with a view to reducing their use in the locality. During the year it held 2 well attended bring and takes, including one in the Autumn which was part of LCWO’s harvest celebration festival. It also organised a successful litter pick.

The Waste Reduction Group activities include

  • Education and Awareness raising
  • Distributing free cotton bags to local residents
  • Working with local shop holders to reduce use of plastic bags
  • Bring and Take – one person’s junk is another person’s treasure
  • Litter picks
  • Reusing old plastic bags to make arts and crafts, and new stronger bags

Reduce waste - Bring and Take Event January 2009  Reduce waste - Bring and Take Event January 2009

Bring and Take Event January 2009

It has recently received a small grant to distributing a sticker to every household in West Oxford which says ‘Take me with you’ which people can stick on their front door or car to remind them to take a shopping bag with them.

Further Reading

  • Reduce, re-use, recycle at our Bring and Take events We are in our seventh year of running our twice-yearly waste reduction event, the Bring and  Take, and it is still as popular as it was in the beginning.   The idea is simple:  Bring genuinely re-usable items, in good, clean condition and Take any items that you have a use for.  By