The Paris Climate Deal: words are not enough

A message from the climate talks to world leaders and people everywhere
A message to world leaders and people everywhere

World leaders will be judged by their deeds not by their words

Last month (December 2015) the leaders of 200 countries gathered together in Paris and agreed on a landmark deal to tackle climate change. The Paris climate deal, The Paris Agreement, includes an important ambition to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees C, and a long-term goal to bring global emissions to zero.
Importantly countries are required to come back to the table every 5 years to increase their ambition in reaching these goals.

Words are not enough

The deal sends a powerful message that fossil fuels have had their day. However, it doesn’t mean we can now sit back and let governments get on with it. Current pledges to reduce polluting carbon emissions are not strong enough to keep us safe from dangerous climate change. The goal for getting to zero emissions is too far in the future and there is a risk that some countries will not do enough. Continue reading “The Paris Climate Deal: words are not enough”