UPDATE DECEMBER 1 2017: Many thanks to all those who entered the competition. It is now closed, and we hope to announce the winner in the next few weeks!

To enter: Send us a paragraph about your idea, along with a basic slogan for the campaign.

You might want to cover things like: the kind of actions we want them to take to reduce CO2 and flooding; what LCWO could do to engage and motivate them to take action * what LCWO could do to help them take action; what other networks, services organisations in Oxford/shire city or nationally LCWO might link them to; any other ideas you have!

Entries will be judged on a number of criteria including practicality and originality by a panel of expert judges.

Submit your entry by email or by hand/snail mail to Helen Reid, 22 Oatlands Road, Oxford OX2 0ET.

More info: Help us bring business on board – and WIN a banquet for eight!

Over the last decade, the people of West Oxford have taken some impressive steps to reduce their contribution to climate change at a household and community level – in fact, we’ve won awards for it!

Amongst other things, we’ve got solar panels on communal buildings and transformed the local river into a community-owned power generator with Osney Lock Hydro; we’ve planted over 1600 trees; and we’ve helped 150 households make changes to their homes and lifestyles to bring their emissions down. All crucial, on-going work.

However, a large chunk of West Oxford is home to businesses, both large and small, who contribute a major slice of the local carbon emission pie, whom we have not yet managed to engage. Without them on board, there are limits to how much we can do as a community to reduce contribution to climate change. This is where we need your help.

Ten years on from the 2007 floods which closed the Botley Road, Low Carbon West Oxford is celebrating its tenth birthday, the power of community creativity and inviting YOU to help with another important piece of the puzzle:

Help us put together an effective plan to engage the businesses on Botley Road Retail Park and Osney Mead industrial estate.

Sound easy? It isn’t.

We need to convince them to work with us. Some of the businesses are part of big global or national chains so local managers have little power. Others are small businesses with little time to spare. So… we need your ideas about how we can grab their attention and get them to work with local residents and other businesses across the city to reduce their contribution to climate change and flooding.