Fuel poverty work to date

In 2012/13, with a Oxford City Council Community Connection grant, LCWO recruited West Oxford resident Anne Clilverd to identify and circulate fuel poverty information to 90 vulnerable & elderly residents.  During the project, Anne conducted 8 home visits, made 3 referrals and raised awareness around LCWO and fuel poverty locally.

In 2013/14, this work became the Winter Warmth Project.  Anne had face-to-face meetings with 29 of the 112 households now identifies, with 21 of those taking up one or more recommended measures.

In the same year, we co-organised a workshop focussed on how to address pockets of fuel poverty in Oxford in partnership with ECI, as part of the EVALOC research project, with communities from across Oxfordshire, Oxford City Council, Affordable Warmth Network, resulting in a report recommending the development of a Fuel Poverty Action Plan for Oxfordshire.

Anne’s work continued in 2015/16, with on-going funding for work with the elderly and vulnerable.  An information pack was distributed to 115 homes, and 13 face-to-face visits were made.

LCWO continues to work closely with Oxford City Council and the Affordable Warmth Network.  For further information on current work in this area, including grants and support services currently available, head over to our fuel poverty page under current projects.