What We Do

LCWO aims to reduce the carbon footprint of West Oxford and encourage residents to live more sustainably.

Our Aims

  • reduce waste
  • help households make energy (and financial) savings
  • reduce traffic
  • promote the consumption of sustainable sources of food
  • provide information and support residents, and encourage them to
    take action and share ideas
  • collaborate with other relevant local and national groups and networks
  • encourage local authorities and the government to do more to combat climate change

Carbon Reductions

In 2009/2010 LCWO achieved the following carbon reductions:

  • Over 140 tonnes of CO2 from 36 households participating in the Low Carbon Living Programme – a cut of an incredible 36% in one year
  • 80 tonnes of CO2 from the introduction of 2 street cars in the locality
    which are used by around 170 people
  • 64 tonnes of CO2 from the planting of around 640 new trees

As well reducing C02 emissions LCWO’s projects also generate social and economic benefits including; financial savings from reduced energy bills, access to expert advice and grants, training, etc.