Awards and recognition

Award-winning work

2008: NESTA finalist in national Big Green Challenge for idea of double cut in emissions – the first from the generation of renewable energy and the second from donating the surplus income from the FIT to be used for further carbon cutting projects in the community

2009: Case study for DECC

2010: LCWO awarded ‘Oxfordshire Charity of the Year’

2011/12: DECC survey following Low Carbon Communities Challenges finds ‘a positive and significant increase in environmentally friendly behaviours in West Oxford compared to comparison communities and national figures which can therefore be attributed to community action’

2012/13: Hogacre is awarded OCVA Environment Award 2012 for making the “biggest positive impact on the local environment”

2016/17: Community of West Oxford awarded ‘City of Oxford Certificate of Honour’ for efforts and achievements in reducing the community’s carbon emissions, with support of LCWO, West Oxford Community Renewables, Hogacre and Osney Lock Hydro