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Low Carbon West Oxford – LCWO

Low Carbon West Oxford – LCWO

LCWO was set up after the summer floods of 2007 by residents concerned about climate change and local flooding.

It is a community-led initiative which aims to combat climate change by cutting our community carbon dioxide emissions by 80 % by 2050, encouraging residents to live more sustainably, and contributing to a more cohesive and resilient community.

We seek to work in an inclusive manner and ensure that everyone who lives and works in the area has a chance to participate in and benefit from LCWO’s projects.

Bring and Take Saturday 9th May

Our twice-yearly swap shop for residents of West Oxford is happening tomorrow at the West Oxford Community Centre.   Residents can save money, cut carbon emissions and take home a whole range of things, some useful, some unusual:  a pile of books to read, or a ‘new’ outfit, or a DVD of a favourite film, or even a life-size cardboard cut out of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars!

Bring & Take poster May 2015

An unusal find at the Bring & Take

You can find all sorts at the Bring & Take!

Question your election candidates on environmental issues

A climate change hustings is being held on Tuesday 28th April at 7.30pm in the Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall.

Low Carbon West Oxford and Low Carbon Oxford North put a series of questions on environmental issues to the parliamentary candidates for Oxford West and Abingdon.   The climate change hustings is a chance for you to put your own questions to the candidates on the key environmental issues affecting everyone.   Questions can be emailed in advance to hustings@oxfoe.co.uk or tweeted to @Lowcon using hashtag#hustingsq, or you can submit them on the night.

climate change hustings poster april 2015

What the election means for climate & energy policy

Experts give their views

In two weeks voters go to the polls in one of the closest-fought and least predictable elections in a generation.  Carbon Brief has already pored over the political parties’ manifesto views on climate and energy.  But the chance of a multi-party coalition make it hard to Continue reading

What the manifestos say on climate and energy

Carbon Brief tracks manifesto promises

The UK’s closest election in a generation is now only two weeks away.   Carbon Brief has been tracking the climate and energy content of the parties’ manifestos as they were launched.  Their climate and energy tracker table allows an easy comparison between the parties on twenty-five issues.

Carbon Brief reports on the latest developments and media coverage of climate science and energy policy, with a particular focus on the UK.   They produce news coverage, analysis and factchecks, and publish a daily and weekly email briefing.

Energy efficiency commitments in election manifestos

Low Carbon West Oxford is a supporter of the Energy Bill Revolution (EBR), campaigning for warm homes and lower energy bills for all.  The EBR is an alliance of children’s and older people’s charities, health and disability groups, environment groups, consumer groups, trade unions, businesses, politicians and public figures.

The EBR has been reviewing the parties’ commitments to energy efficiency as set out in their election manifestos.   EBR’s views (not necessarily LCWO’s) can be read on their website.

The election manifestos published so far for parties with candidates in Oxford West and Abingdon are: Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Conservative Party, Green Party, UK Independence Party UKIPSocialist Party of GB.  The  remaining party, the National Health Action Party, has not yet published its manifesto but its policies are shown on its website.


Where do local candidates stand on climate issues?

In the run up to the election, Low Carbon West Oxford, together with Low Carbon Oxford North, has contacted the parliamentary candidates for West Oxford and Abingdon to ask them the following questions about climate issues and improving energy efficiency: Continue reading

It’s better by bike!

The benefits of cycling to work

Cycling is Greener, Quicker, Faster, Cheaper, Healthier, Smarter, Sexier.

As part of Climate Week seven of our members cycled along the Botley Road during rush hour on Friday 7th March  wearing hi-vis vests displaying one of the following words:  Greener, Quicker, Happier, Cheaper, Healthier, Smarter, Sexier.  Our aim was to encourage commuters to get on their bikes, beat the traffic jams, get fitter, save money, reduce their carbon footprint and reduce air pollution.

Continue reading