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Eco Library

As part of our Low Carbon Living Programme, householders were able to borrow and test different lightbulbs.

New additions have been made to the library including:

  • Standby Buster – a remote controlled off switch
  • A single socket wattage and current meter
  • A gas energy saver, which is a hob top catalytic gas to energy converter
  • A radiator booster which improves radiator convection current

You can borrow energy-saving devices to try out at home by joining our ‘Eco Library’.

Some of the other items for loan:

 Magno Washing Ball  Magno Ball
 Solio Mobile Charger  Solios Trio
 Owl Energy Monitor  Owl Energy Monitor
 Eco Washing Balls  Eco Washing Balls
 E-Cloth  eCloth
 Dryer Balls  Dryer Balls

Another idea we would like to set up in the future is a way of facilitating person-to-person loans of low-use equipment via a ‘virtual shed’ on our website, such as share hedge trimmers, shredders, lawnmowers, bike trailers, photo printers etc.