Low Carbon West Oxford

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Investing in WOCR

West Oxford Community Renewables (WOCR) was established for the specific purpose of building and owning community-owned renewable energy schemes in West Oxford and to thus generate funds for LCWO.

We will spend all the monies received from this share issue on renewables equipment and to construct and commission the renewable energy schemes including solar panels on the big roofs in the industrial and retail estates, a micro-hydro at Oseny Weir and small wind turbines on Cumnor Hill.

The electricity generated will be sold to the building/land owners (with any excess sold to the grid) and the earnings will be donated to Low Carbon West Oxforod to reinvest in community projects to make further cuts in CO2 emissions .

Your investment in WOCR is in an Industrial and Provident Society for the benefit of the community, as withdrawable share capital. The full terms of the investment are set out in our offer document.

Your shares in WOCR should be considered to be a social investment, rather than one which will produce financial return. If none of the projects proceed, your investment will be returned less any costs spent to date

This is a risk investment. Your shares will not increase in value and they may decrease in value. The Directors intend to pay a low rate of interest on shares however it is not anticipated that this will be possible for the first five years at least. Any investment should be regarded as an investment for social and environmental benefit rather than financial benefit.

Your investment gives you a voting right which will allow you to participate in the operation of WOCR. The Society will operate on the ‘one member, one vote’ principle whereby all investor members will have one vote regardless of the size of shareholding.



How To Invest

Request a Copy of our offer document.

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Share Giving

As well as buying shares for yourself and taking any interest paid, you can also buy shares and donate them to LCWO. Interest paid on these shares would then be paid to LCWO and so maximise the climate change benefit of your investment.

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