Shared Resources

Shared Resources

Eco Library

As part of our Low Carbon Living Programme, householders were able to borrow and test different lightbulbs.

New additions have been made to the library including:

  • Standby Buster – a remote controlled off switch
  • A single socket wattage and current meter
  • A gas energy saver, which is a hob top catalytic gas to energy converter
  • A radiator booster which improves radiator convection current

You can borrow energy-saving devices to try out at home by joining our ‘Eco Library’.

Some of the other items for loan:

 Magno Washing Ball  Magno Ball
 Solio Mobile Charger  Solios Trio
 Owl Energy Monitor  Owl Energy Monitor
 Eco Washing Balls  Eco Washing Balls
 E-Cloth  eCloth
 Dryer Balls  Dryer Balls

Another idea we would like to set up in the future is a way of facilitating person-to-person loans of low-use equipment via a ‘virtual shed’ on our website, such as share hedge trimmers, shredders, lawnmowers, bike trailers, photo printers etc.